New (e)Bike! Döst Kope

I picked up a new bike. It’s a Döst Kope seen here:

I found one on Facebook marketplace that only had 300 miles on it and was in great shape.

After having some trouble with my fun car, and then having my catalytic converter stolen from my commuter car, I finally pulled the trigger on an ebike to commute with.

My commute from home to the ferry is 9.88 miles each way, 60% of that being on public trails (with lots of pedestrians), 10% gravel, 30% on road. There are 2 off road steep climbs and some very long but loew elevation climbs on road.

What was I looking for?

I had a few things that I absolutely had to have on my new ebike:

  1. Have a throttle – If I’m going to depend on this bike (and my aging body) to get me to work everyday, I want a throttle. If I’m having a shitty morning, tired, sore, etc I want to be able to get to the ferry regardless.
  2. Mid drive motor, 750w+ – (Insert Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt here, more power!) I tried a couple of hub drives and they just didn’t feel natural, something funky about how the power pushes you (rear hub drive) that I wasn’t a fan of.
  3. Reputable battery pack – Definitely want a name brand, reliable battery pack
  4. Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Forgot that cable crap, I want some real brakes.
  5. Front suspension – The off road parts of my commute are pretty rough and I definitely want front suspension

And a few nice to haves but not deal breakers:

  1. Rear suspension – Less important but would be nice to have
  2. OEM Fenders – For the rare rainy days
  3. Higher End components – Another reliability thing but at my price point impossible to find
  4. Belt Drive – See above

Initial thoughts (First 300 miles)

The Dost Kope ticked most of the boxes for me. It has the powerful mid-drive Bafang BBS02 w/throttle, Samsung battery pack, hydraulic discs, front suspension fork, fenders, and a suspension seat post (added bonus). The display is one of the better options with the Bafangs, the brakes are solid albeit a little bit squishy, fork stem is a nice ergotec, very robust KMC chain, solid rear rack, decent front light and rear light (doesn’t blink), and some great pedals.

After putting about 100 miles on it I knew right away the front fork had to be changed. It was strange, dampening wasn’t existent, it was bouncy and not very confidence inspiring.
The rear derailleur is on the lower end of SRAM’s line but so far (300+ miles) I’ve had no issues.
The seat is wide and comfy but not my style.

So far I’ve changed the front fork, the Bafang motor programming, and the saddle all detailed in posts to come.



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